Wednesday, April 1, 2009

'I'm Craving Barbeque' Sandwich

I just had to share my favorite sandwich stacker recipe. I'm not a big fan of cold cuts. Ever since having my last child, my nose automatically turns up at the thought of sliced meat. I couldn't stand ANY meat while pregnant and I guess this is a residual effect. I'll eat it if I have to or if someone else makes it but touching it? Ick. But I will make an exception for this sandwich.

A little background on where the thought for this sandwich came. I stopped by the local barbeque place last year, Gates BBQ. Quite a famous place here in Kansas City. They have this sandwich which is literally 5" tall, stuffed with all manner of barbequed pork, with pickles on the side. I fell in love. It was so big I had to share it with DH! I have one of those addictive personalities so for the next 2 weeks I wanted that sandwich all the time. So I invented something similar with what I had on hand. Mine is a bit lighter fare with turkey but you could use any meat you choose! Bon Appetit!

'I'm Craving Barbeque' Sandwich

3-6 slices roasted turkey cold cut slices (great to use with leftover thanksgiving turkey)
1 slice white american cheese
2 pieces of your favorite bread (I only had whole wheat white for the picture but my fav to use is a nutty whole grain bread. Try different kinds to find the perfect one for you.)
6 small dill pickles
a handful of fresh spinach leaves, washed/dried
1-2 Tbsp favorite barbeque sauce (I used Gates of course)

Make it like you would any other sandwich. I pour the barbeque sauce on one side of bread and press it to the other piece so they both have even amounts. Add sliced pickles, turkey, white cheese and spinach. Enjoy! You might even add a bit of barbeque sauce to your plate for dipping.

Barbeque Sandwiches on Foodista

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